Montara - Moss Beach - El Granada Community Plan

The Montara / Moss Beach / El Granada Community Plan

Around 1970, when the citizens and taxpayers of the San Mateo Midcoast saw the grandiose plan of a huge city of nearly 200,000 population and the total degradation of their beautiful Coast, they were outraged. Westinghouse and other speculators were promoting such a scheme, so Coastsiders organized to prevent it. They determined to create their own plan with sensibility toward the environment and a vision for reasonable, planned growth that the limited resources of the Coast could accommodate, including parks throughout, which we're still fighting for.

In 1972, people throughout the State of California were growing increasingly concerned with uncontrolled growth and loss of access to their coastline and beaches, and took the matter to the ballot box. Proposition 20, the Coastal Initiative, passed overwhelmingly.

About that same time, residents of the San Mateo coastal communities enlisted the aide of County planners and with their help, created the Montara - Moss Beach - El Granada Community Plan. Over a 5-year period, they met and worked with planners to develop a sensitive and well balanced Community Plan. The Board of Supervisors adopted it in 1978.

This led to the Land Use Plan (LUP), which was approved by the Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission. The LUP became part of the Local Coastal Program (LCP) adopted by the Board of Supervisors and certified by the California Coastal Commission. This visionary Plan has held up through the years. Residents who become aware of it and read it often express appreciation for it.

"How can I get a copy of the Community Plan?"

Although the Community Plan is visionary, the County awareness of it and adherence to it has been uneven. In the late 1990's, many existing printed copies of the Plan were collected in anticipation of an update. To date, no update has been produced.

Nevertheless, some original copies of this key portion of the LCP, the guiding legal document controlling development on the Coastside, survived. It has been scanned for your reading pleasure.

The original document is a comb-bound, 11"x11" document, making it difficult to photocopy.

Herein, we are pleased to share with you the Montara / Moss Beach / El Granada Community Plan.

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